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We provide a comprehensive overview and direction in the complex landscape of finance. As pioneers in this field, we’re committed to guiding you towards financial independence and empowerment. Our approach includes a streamlined financial planning process, complimentary educational resources, and an innovative, data-informed investment strategy.


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NESTIntel was developed with one goal in mind: to make a simplified financial planning process that instills confidence. Hit your goals.


We outperform benchmark portfolios because we do things differently. Daily data analysis is the foundation of our investment strategy. Join us.

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So your portfolio has reached $500K and you’ve got some idea of what you’d like your financial future to look like. Or maybe you’ve acquired $1M in assets and you’re ready to put it to work. You’re at a pivotal moment in your story: the start of your wealth management journey. Maybe you’re….

A Maverick

with a successful business, or two, or three

You’re busy with work and play, so the last thing you want to do with your limited free time is research investment strategies or retirement plans. You’ve worked hard to build your empire and now you want to see it thrive. Not only do you want the best, you also want someone who understands what it’s like to be a business owner. As entrepreneurs, we get all of that.

A Savant

crushing it in your career - congrats!

Not the type to coast, you want your portfolio at the same high standard as everything else in your life. You’ve got goals and investment ideas, but there’s a lot of conflicting opinions out there, and you’d rather focus on your life than take a deep dive alone into the world of finance. We’re glad you found us – we wouldn’t want to have to learn how to do your job, either. 

An Outlaw

a rebel with a cause, challenging the status quo

You’re familiar with the old school way of investing and managing wealth, but “traditional” has never interested you. You want to work with people who are innovating without getting distracted by flashy fads or wrapped up in risky trends. You’ve got a good idea of the big picture, but the details and execution are not quite your forte. Let us take the reins.

If any of these (or all of these!) sound even a little bit like you, then you’re in the right place. Our team is ready to join you on this adventure, guiding you through twists and turns, facing challenges together, and celebrating milestones. NEST Financial offers three distinct services: educational resources, financial planning, and investment management. You can use just one of our services, or all three; like everything you do with NEST, the decision is in your hands.