Investment Management

NEST Financial stands out in portfolio management with a forward-thinking approach. We challenge the century-old portfolio theory, leveraging extensive data analysis and a bold strategy that consistently surpasses benchmarks.

Our method? Intensive global economic data analysis, innovating beyond conventional portfolio management. We source from top independent research, using significantly more data to inform our decisions. This approach allows us to spot opportunities overlooked by traditional methods.

We don’t rely on outdated strategies or get swayed by market noise. Our focus is on rigorous data analysis, aiming for resilience through market cycles, optimizing client investments regardless of market direction. At NEST, decisions are client-centered, transparent, and tailored, considering individual goals and risk tolerance.

We’re not passive. We actively manage portfolios, constantly updating our knowledge and strategies to ensure we’re at the forefront of investment management. Our commitment is to our clients’ financial success and legacy, making every decision with their best interest in mind.

NEST Portfolios

Many in our industry are content with comparing portfolios against each other, even considering a negative return a success if it surpasses another’s performance. At NEST, we don’t see value in negative returns or complex comparisons.

Our approach is straightforward: we aim for a positive absolute performance goal (rate of return) for every portfolio, tailored to align with your individual priorities and risk tolerance.

Transparency is key for us. Below, you can explore our portfolios and their specific return rate objectives.


NEST’s income portfolio is designed to provide income while preserving the principal capital. Maintaining a minimum of 10% in cash, the rest of the market allocations are aligned and adjusted based on what’s going on in the economy and what’s projected to happen. Because of this cash minimum, the Income portfolio is resilient through outlying underperforming periods. Additionally, a portion of the portfolio is allocated to daily liquid alternative investments that support income consistency. This portfolio has a hard, protective shell against risk.

Annual Rate of Return Goal: 6%


This is our “middle of the road” portfolio, but it’s not your standard “balanced portfolio” of stock and bond indexes. With active management, we are always adjusting positions in various markets based on what the economy is doing and what it’s projected to do. Just like the bats beneath the South Congress bridge, hanging around for the next opportunity to spread their wings, the Moderate portfolio is regenerative, resilient, and ready to take off! 

Annual Rate of Return Goal: 7%


The returns on the Augment portfolio are slightly higher than our “middle of the road” portfolio. As an actively managed portfolio, we adjust positions in various markets weekly based on what the economy is doing and what it’s projected to do. Not the largest animal in the desert but still able to take off at great speeds, this portfolio is great for people who like the Boost portfolio but want to add a little pep to their step.

Annual Rate of Return Goal: 8%


An excellent choice for clients who prioritize maximizing return over steady income production, the Aggressive Growth portfolio provides above average market returns with correlated risk. As with all our portfolios, Escalate is actively managed and we adjust positions in various markets weekly based on what the economy is doing and what it’s projected to do. A quiet stalker prowling the tops of mountains, the Escalate portfolio has high growth potential but maintains a safer distance than our Alpha portfolio.

Annual Rate of Return Goal: 10%


Driven by diverse data analysis, our Alpha portfolio Optimizes your investment by yielding the highest return. With the same categories as our Aggressive portfolio, the Alpha’s additional strategies include leveraging stock options up to 3x and utilizing short positioning. This strategy may lead to greater volatility than the other portfolios, but it can also generate much greater returns over time. Like the Bighorn confidently finessing the side of a mountain, the Optimize portfolio is able to reach astounding heights. .

Annual Rate of Return Goal: 20%