Who We Are: Financial Educators and Investment Strategists

NEST Financial empowers Austin’s leaders and visionaries, extending through the Hill Country, by offering confidence, freedom, and security through our wealth management services. With a commitment to authenticity and transparency, we specialize in streamlined financial planning, cutting-edge investment strategies, and direct financial education.

The NEST Method

Welcome to NEST, where each of us is united by a vision of forward-thinking — not just envisioning the freedom of retirement or the aspirations for your financial legacy and dream lifestyle, but going beyond.

Your passion drives you, and ours is finance. Our team, seasoned with decades of diverse financial expertise, embodies a genuine love for finance. Yet, our daily motivation is rooted in a commitment to turning our clients’ financial aspirations into reality. In a world cluttered with conflicting financial advice, NEST stands out by prioritizing straightforward, authentic advice that aligns with your personal goals and values.

We take pride in offering accessible educational resources, streamlined financial planning, and robust, data-backed investment strategies. Our dedication extends to our community, emphasizing personal connections with each client to tailor our services to your unique needs. Our mission? To equip Austin’s leaders and innovators with the confidence, freedom, and security that comes from genuinely personalized, transparent, and forward-thinking wealth management.

Understanding the importance of a strong support system, you recognize the value in surrounding yourself with a team unmatched in perspective, experience, and resources. NEST is unique in this regard. Together, we achieve more than the sum of our parts, embodying the principle that together, we are 2+2=5.*

*Purely figurative and not representative of our actual math capabilities and standards.

Gloria Park

The Mentor

Gloria applies her passion for demystifying the world of finance to the planning process, revealing the “why” behind the details. In addition to being a CFP® professional and Managing Partner at NEST, Gloria owns a family business, so she understands the entrepreneurial perspective and enjoys getting creative with owners to mitigate risk and achieve goals. When she’s not helping clients create and sustain wealth, Gloria enjoys Latin dancing and traveling the globe.


Sean McDougle

The Mastermind

CFP® professional and Chief Investment Officer for NEST, Sean oversees all portfolio management - mapping and measuring economic data to create investment strategies. Our clients appreciate Sean for his process, perspective, diverse experience, and his infamous newsletters. Personally, we think Sean is the smartest guy in the business. When Sean isn’t studying spreadsheets, you can find him spending time with his wife and their two dogs, or at the ice rink or fairway.


Katie Nolan

Marketing Manager

Katie plays a key role at NEST Financial, where she's primarily involved in social media management and blog writing. Outside of work, Katie enjoys playing volleyball and pickleball, as well as going on adventures with friends. When she's offline, you'll often find her on the volleyball court or exploring the great outdoors with her friends.

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Dan Dillard

El Capitan

Currently serving as business Advisor to Nest, he is busy behind the scenes working on what the future of Nest looks like. Serial entrepreneur and NEST founder. Dan has more than 20 years of finance experience and is motivated by the moment of joy when clients realize that they can now enjoy the freedom that comes with financial education. Creator of founding_media and foundingAUSTIN, Dan cultivates his love for storytelling, inspiring people to create their own path to success. A true Austinite, he enjoys wake-surfing, smoking barbecue, and exploring the outdoors with his daughter.

dan dillard nest financial founder

Jake Wallace

The Tech Jockey

No modern team is complete without a trusty Techie, and we’re lucky to call Jake ours. As a Multimedia Engineer, Videographer, and Editor, if it’s video or sound, then his hands have been on it. With over 10 years of experience freelancing across multiple industries, Jake has been making us look and sound good on camera since 2018. When he’s not staring at a screen or combing through harddrives, you can find him banging on drums or learning how to ballroom dance with his fiancé.