NEST’s Minimum is Increasing — Here’s Why

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Minimums. We’ve already talked about what they are, why we use them, and why they’re important. In this post, we’ll get into how we set NEST’s minimum, and why in a fluctuating economy and with financial goals for our firm’s growth, our minimums will be changing. 

As a quick recap, minimums are important because they:

  • Ensure we can give NEST clients the attention they deserve.
  • Cover the cost for NEST to manage client investments. 
  • Allow NEST to grow toward our business and financial goals. 

Because we don’t live in a static world (or economy), we have to be adaptable in how we run things. It’s important that we can offer the quality and personalized attention to our clients that we always have. That is at the core of NEST’s values. 

And as our business grows and Austin gets more crowded, we want to make sure that we are offering a lot of value for a special group of clients. 

That’s why our minimums are changing.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about our current minimums and how we established them.


Our established minimums

Minimum investment thresholds often start at around $25,000 and go up from there. At NEST, our minimum has been $250,000 for the past three years. With a flat-fee rate of 1%, this means that at minimum, we take in $2,500 per client. 

Now, if you’ve worked with Gloria, our managing partner and financial planner, you know how crucial planning is to both establishing and working toward financial goals. This is as true for businesses as it is for personal finance. 

As we move through NEST’s financial goals, and continue to hit growth milestones, we find it important to pause, reevaluate, and adjust strategy to ensure we stay on track. 

The economy we operate within isn’t static. We approach our own goals with a focus on macroeconomic data and a willingness to change course based on what we learn. We watch the U.S. market, the global market, inflation, employment, interest rates, and current events daily. 

It’s our approach with our clients’ investments, and it’s our approach with our own business. 

So, why are things changing?


Our new minimums

Beginning in January of 2023, our minimum for new clients will be $500,000. By setting our minimum at this level, we will be able to continue to grow NEST as a firm. And by moving toward our business’s goals, we’ll be better able to serve our clients. We’ve combined our nearly 30 years of expertise in financial planning to arrive at a number that helps us grow right along with client accounts.

We give you this level of detail because another of NEST’s core values is transparency. It’s important for us to be clear about things like where we get our data, investment decisions we’re making, and our holistic philosophy on investing. Raising our minimum investment threshold is no different, because it will directly affect new clients.

But what about current NESTers? Will this change established relationships?


How this change will affect established clients

NEST’s new minimum investment threshold won’t affect established clients. So, if you already work with us, but your account doesn’t meet the minimum, don’t fret. We’re happy to continue working with our current, loyal clients.

The change only affects new clients beginning in January of 2023.


The benefits of raising our minimums

One of our most fundamental values at NEST is personal attention. We are a boutique financial firm, and that means that we work with clients’ individual needs and goals, customizing financial plans and investment strategies. In order to offer that level of attention to each client, we have to stay small. 

As we make this transition to a higher minimum in the new year, keep in mind that this change will allow us to continue working toward our business goals without sacrificing the service NESTers have come to expect. 

And this is as true for new clients as it is for established ones. 

This change is not necessarily about us. We could just take on as many assets as possible, regardless of the size. But then, even as we earn more revenue, service would suffer. 

By focusing on fewer clients, it gives us time and mental space to give our best to our clients at the size we are now.

Rather than use the quantity model for growth, we’re focusing on quality. We want to maintain a certain number of clients and focus on that growth rather than adding more and more clients and diluting the bespoke attention we give. 

And because our fortunes are quite literally tied to our clients’, as our clients’ accounts grow, NEST grows. Our business growth plan relies on client growth, plain and simple. 

This benefits NESTers because you can rest assured that, as one of our clients, our standard of service and personal attention will not be sacrificed. By imposing these minimums, we’re protecting the agreement we make with each client when we enter into the relationship. 

Authentic. Bespoke. Transparent. 

Those are the NEST ideals. We will not compromise on them.


If you have further questions about this upcoming change, or you’re ready to chat with experienced professionals about a personalized plan to get you to your goals, why not schedule a no-obligation call with us? With nearly 30 years experience, our team has the knowledge and skill to help you achieve your financial goals optimally. Let us help you on your financial journey. Reach out to us at


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