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Authenticity and Transparency NEST FInancial Services Austin

Authenticity and transparency. These aren’t just nice sounding words we say to inspire confidence. These are the values that NEST was created with and lives by. 

We’re not a big financial company. We’re a boutique firm, and those values are the very foundation of everything we do. They underpin our first meeting with a new client and a check-in with an established one just the same. 

But before we get into just exactly what transparency and authenticity mean to us, let’s talk about what they don’t mean. 


Pretense and Obfuscation — NOT the NEST way

Let’s face it, in the world of finance, things like stuffy industry jargon, gatekeeping, intentional obfuscation, and prioritizing image over substance are the rule rather than the exception. 

You get the glossy first impression — the suit and tie, the fancy office, the business card with subtle coloring and tasteful thickness. Then the essentially indecipherable updates which come without clarification.  You get the “expert” who maintains the locus of power (information) with themselves rather than passing it on to and empowering their clients.

But at NEST, that’s not how we roll. 

As we say on our home page, at NEST “we want to empower you to manifest your financial goals.” We do that through being transparent and authentic.


What does Transparency mean to us?

At NEST, we lay it all out on the table. And not just so our clients know what we’re doing with financial planning and investment management and why, but so they grow in their own financial education. 



Finance isn’t taught in school, at least not to the level in which we operate. You might have learned how to balance a checkbook, calculate compound interest, contribute to a 401k — the basics. But did you learn:


We’re guessing the answer is no. None of this is taught in high school. And unless you majored in something in the financial realm, you probably didn’t learn about it in college either. 

That’s why transparency is so important to us. Because when we say transparency, what we really mean is empowering our clients with knowledge.

What we want at NEST is to educate you so you can do better for yourself, your family, and your business now and down the line. That’s our goal. We keep the bulk of our information in the client portal, but between our blog posts and our monthly webinar, we’re putting it all out there. Don’t spread this around, but Sean, our investment manager, has even been known to invite clients into his vast data spreadsheets. Not for the faint of heart.

Anytime a client has a question, we answer it. There’s no passing the buck. 


No Hidden Fees

Transparency also means that we’re not trying to sell our clients something. Our financial planning and investment management services are straightforward, and so is how clients pay for them. We put our fees right on our website. For a comprehensive financial plan, the fee starts at $5k, and for investment management services, we charge 1%. That’s it. Hidden and undisclosed fees are rampant in the financial industry, and that’s damaged trust with clients. We’re actively working to change that.


In-House Expertise

Another aspect of transparency is our ability to be completely transparent. We have nearly 30 years of experience, and our portfolio manager is in-house. We don’t hire that service out to a third party like so many financial advisors do. That means we actually can answer all your questions. We build your financial plan from the ground up, create our own investment portfolios, and we spend hours everyday analyzing data ourselves. 

So, if you have questions, we actually have answers. 



We’re transparent because we want to earn your trust. Relationships are the cornerstone of our firm. We want those relationships to be long-lasting and prosperous. But they only last when they’re built on trust. 

This is why we have so many client relationships that span years, even decades. And this is also why our clients refer their friends, family, and acquaintances to us. They can see that with NEST, they’re not a mark, not a lead in a sales funnel. They’re part of a team that’s working together toward all our financial goals.

If our clients are successful, so are we. If they’re not…


What does it mean to be Authentic?

Authenticity and transparency are inextricably linked. If you’re an honest, open book, you can’t help but be authentic. 

At NEST, authenticity means that what you see with us is what you get. 


Authentic Austin

We don’t put on airs. We’re Austinites, business owners, and real people who value connections and relationships. We don’t try to fit into a culture that’s not us. Rather than meeting in an office, we might meet over coffee. Rather than wearing a Wall Street-esque suit and tie, we might be in flip flops. There’s no pretense. We show up as we are — competent, experienced, and passionate about helping our clients grow.

When you meet with Dan, Gloria, or Sean, you get the same person during the first meeting as you do in the 20th — three people who work to break down barriers and demystify finance.


Open and Judgment-Free

Authenticity also means that we don’t shy away from difficult or taboo conversations around money. 

We live in a culture where success is measured by the size of your bank account, and unfortunately, often so is a person’s worth. In this kind of environment, it’s no wonder that people are uncomfortable talking about their mistakes, failures, errors, and foibles. To do so would literally be announcing your lack of worth to the world. 

We think that’s bull sh*t.

Failure and mistakes are how we grow and learn. And fortunately you don’t have to do it on your own. If we allow ourselves to be authentic about our journeys, both in finance and in life in general, we can learn from one another, and grow that much faster and learn that much more. 

That’s why authenticity is so important to us at NEST. We’re here to provide a service that helps people. 

There’s no judgment here. Only a sincere desire to see our clients achieve their dreams. And we have the knowledge and experience to facilitate that. That’s the value we bring to the table. We can leverage not only our education, but also our experience in the thousands of cases that we’ve seen using strategies we’ve put together. We can get you there, both financially and in your own knowledge, faster than you trying to figure it all out for yourself.


Education is key

Education is at the heart of what we do. Knowledge is power, and we’re not interested in hoarding power for ourselves. We want to elevate our clients, and we do that through full transparency and authenticity.

We work in an industry that is known for its secretiveness, its clandestine dealings, its closed doors. At NEST, we are completely disrupting that. 

Won’t you join us?

Why not schedule a no-obligation call with Gloria, Sean or Dan? Our passion is creating financial relationships that are built to last. We work with Austin individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Together, we can help you achieve your financial goals. 

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