This is Austin, Not Wall Street: Here, we do Things a Bit Different

Austin isn't wall street

We’ve all seen the movies about Wall Street — The Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Short, Wall Street. And they don’t paint a very pretty picture. You see a world of egos, excess, greed, and corruption. You see a highly competitive and self-interested culture where more is more and should be gotten by any means necessary. 

And while fiction is obviously well, fiction, art imitates life, and in many ways Wall Street has earned its reputation.

At NEST, we are NOT Wall Street.

Sure, we’re in the same business of investing and growing assets, but that’s where similarities end. 


Austin Through and Through (not Wall Street)

Even as Austin grows, it’s a far cry from New York City. And despite the many changes our city has seen in the past couple of decades, Austin still has a certain feeling. It’s a come-as-you-are kind of place. A place where we spend a lot of time outside, at the Green Belt, swimming at Barton Springs, playing disc golf. It’s a place that loves music and welcomes weirdos from all over. 

Austin is not pretentious, and it certainly isn’t stuffy.

As an Austin-born financial firm, NEST isn’t pretentious or stuffy either. 

Whatever people have in their minds when they think about wealth managers or financial advisors, that ain’t us. 

We’re regular people, just like you. We’re business owners, parents, community members. We take meetings while walking our dogs and meet clients for coffee at Mozart’s

What we bring to the table isn’t the flashiness of New York. It isn’t the razzle dazzle of a Rolex peeking out from the cuff of a tailored suit. When it’s over 100 degrees, we’re wearing shorts and flip flops like any sane person.

But with NEST you’re not buying the image. Forget the fancy packaging. You’re buying the knowledge and experience that comes with nearly 30 years of experience working with hundreds of clients. You’re buying the transparency and authenticity of working with real people who are interested in helping you grow — both monetarily and in knowledge.

That’s the value we bring. 

We couldn’t care less about the Wall Street dress code. We’re not interested in the glamorous image that is meant to create degrees of separation between client and advisor. 

At NEST, we don’t front. 


Boutique, not Big

For such a small area of land, everything is big in New York — the population, the buildings, the financial firms.

And yes, we know everything’s bigger in Texas, but we don’t take that literally. 

NEST is a boutique firm. That means we stay small and are selective about who we build relationships with. If you plan to work with someone for years or even decades, you have to first make sure it’s a good fit. Then, you have to nurture the relationship. If a firm has too many clients, they’d find it hard to give each the attention it deserves, especially at NEST’s level of service

We take the time to build your comprehensive, bespoke financial plan and then get you into the best of our actively managed portfolios for you and your goals. And we do this all while prioritizing education

Because we stay small and selective, we actually have the time to educate our clients through meetings, webinars, and online learning resources. We aren’t gatekeepers of the great secrets of finance. We aren’t interested in creating a false separation between us, the experts, and you, the customer. If we know it, we want you to know it as well, so you can make the best possible financial decisions and avoid costly mistakes

Because NEST is boutique, we can focus on elevating our clients’ knowledge in finance and economics. 

That’s probably not what you have in mind when you think of Wall Street. But like we said, we’re not Wall Street. This is how we do it here in Austin. 


A Community in Finance

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not anti-Wall Street. We’re just pro-community, pro-relationship and especially anti-B.S.

In addition to providing experienced and data driven, macro level financial planning and investment management services, we’re building a community around the free exchange of knowledge. Educating our clients and sharing the deep knowledge we have in finance is something we’re passionate about. From your first meeting with Gloria, our financial planner, and onward, we will be working to correct misconceptions you may have, arm you with good information, and point you toward credible, unbiased and trustworthy resources for continuing to elevate your understanding.

We’re not going for the hard sale and closing deals like you might expect from bigger firms. In fact, we’ve got nothing to sell. We’re very up front about our fees, so you never have to wonder if there’s a hidden agenda in what we say. There isn’t. 

We genuinely want people to have good information. Simple as that. 


So, if you might just be a little more Austin than Wall Street, and you want to work with financial advisors that are the same, why not schedule a no-obligation call? At NEST, we love working with Austin and Central Texas individuals, families, entrepreneurs and small businesses, and we are passionate about helping you reach your financial goals. 

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