Welcome to Austin, Tesla!

We’re glad you’re here!

We want to be the first to welcome everyone from Tesla to Austin, Texas! Relocating can be tough, but as you will soon find out, there’s a lot to love about our great city. I’m sure you’ve heard about the BBQ, the Lakes, Hill Country, and the Texas Heat, but we are so much more than that.

I think of Austin in one word. Community. What I have found while living more than 18 years here, is that you are able to call/email anyone in Austin and the majority of people in this community are happy to meet for coffee and help you any way they can. Yes, it’s very much community. Take it from someone that has started multiple businesses, including a magazine. I have had hundreds of coffee meetings over the years, if not thousands.

When you mix this community with southern hospitality, I know Austin is more than willing to welcome you with open arms.

Besides the community that is willing to help you get settled, what else makes Austin great? We’re pretty famous for a number of things including live music, events, and my favorite, food! While I have a passion for all, food is definitely on top of my “Austin favorites list”. Before I moved here going out to eat usually meant a chain restaurant of some sort, but since embracing the Austin life, I haven’t stepped into a chain restaurant in likely 12 years. There is something authentic for everyone. You’ve probably heard of our top-notch food trucks. There are a few food truck “parks” where you can taste a variety all over the city from South Congress to Rainey Street to Barton Springs Road. If you see a food truck, be sure to check it out because they’re where most great restaurants get their start! If you’re wanting more of a sit-down meal, there is a great variety of restaurants to suit your taste buds! Besides all the infamous Auston BBQ (I’m sure you’ve heard of Franklins), there are so many more options. From Jack Allen’s (try their happy hour menu), to El Meson (a favorite local spot), and to Perla’s on South Congress (their fish is the best), is just a super small sampling of all the favorites off the top of my head. Some friends and I have a google list of all the happy hour specials we are familiar with, be sure to ping me when you move and I’ll be happy to add you to it.

Next on the list of my favorite things, is spending summertime in beautiful Hill Country! If you love the outdoors like we all do but are worried about the heat, then I’m here to tell you the best way to handle it is with water. I love wake surfing which can be done at Lake Travis or Lake Austin. I prefer Travis as there is much more space there. Nothing like getting to enjoy the lakes with friends and a cold drink. Paddleboarding is big on Lady Bird Lake, and of course, you can’t forget one of my favorites Barton Springs natural springs. This is where you will really feel the Austin vibe.

The music and entertainment is also a big benefit. There is no shortage of events live music to enjoy all around the city, in fact, I’ve even walked into a convenience store and seen a band play! Please be sure to support our artists because they’re what makes Austin unique! From our free concerts every other Wednesday in the summer (Blues on the Green) at Zilker Park to Music at the Oasis, Black Fret, you will not have a shortage of entertainment any night of the week.

We definitely appreciate our community and want to do our best to keep it authentically Austin and true to Texas. On behalf of the “locals,” we welcome you to the best that we have to offer and do hope you enjoy your stay.

I’m excited that Tesla is here, and look forward to seeing many great things come out of the company. We are proud of all the work that it is doing. As for Elon, keep it up, keep building, creating, and doing what you do. We appreciate you!

If you need any guidance, or just want to meet a local. I’d be happy to assist and/or meet you for coffee or a cold drink.

As far as business goes, If you need to visit a local financial planning firm our team is willing to help any way we can. With Gratitude. –Dan Dillard

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